The Greatest Show on Earth... Motherhood.

Welcome to the wild, discontinuous, and virtually unwatched ramblings of a mother of five.


I am thankful that God has given me the strength to seek forgiveness as well as the power to forgive.

I am learning the hard way that things in life just need to be let go of.  There is no changing a situation or the way that others view said situation.  I have to take time, reflect on the situation, ask God to forgive me for my part in the situation, and let it go.  Easier said then done, I know. 

This said, I am taking time today to say that I am letting go of somethings.  I have 5 clowns that require more of my attention then the situation and life is too short to hold on to petty things.  :D

Moving on now......

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Crying Again.

♥ ♥ One year ago today after only a fast and furious 83 minutes of labor God blessed us with our 5th baby bear. I cannot believe how fast this last year has gone. I love you more and more every day Hanky Panky. You will always be my baby. ♥ ♥

This is the status for the day. I am sad and happy at the same time. I am sad because I am no longer the mama of a baby, I am happy because we are moving on to a new phase in our lives. I am working on finishing up his birthday sweater. Maybe my mommy blog will have to become my crafty blog.... with smatterings of mommy life.

So the tears are both of sadness and joy today as I work my way through the crazy emotions surrounding this crazy day.

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Moving On

I think ever so slowly I am handling things better, crying less, talking to #1 more about how I feel and giving things over to God. If it is meant to happen again He will have his hand in it. I feel lighter and happier.... and most of all crafty again. :D

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Millions of Peaches

"Peaches come from a can they were put there by a man
In a factory downtown
If I had my little way I'd eat peaches everyday"

These are some of the clowns favorite words right now. EVERY morning I hear Buzzy jamming out to his own 4 yr old version of this song. He is a funny little fella. He has NO idea what headbanging is or was (do people still do it... I am obviously out of the loop) but he can head bang with the best of them. It is incentive for him to get ready for school faster so that he can listen to Peaches on Youtube.

Someday I can show him the pictures of him 'jamming out' to the oldies.

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Today Is Rough.

It has just been that day. I found out 2 people that I know (and was pregnant with Hanky with) are pregnant, I knew that people would announce from now until eternity that they are pregnant... right now it is like salt in a fresh wound. I think that maybe social media will be out for awhile, these are where the announcements have been made.

I realize that I have 5 perfectly healthy, happy, thriving, beautiful children that are blessings from God everyday. Why is it so hard for me to move past this phase? Why am I so mad about a decision that was made by both of us?


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Duh Duh Duh!

And the verdict is back. We are clear and the circus baby making factory is officially closed for business. I am not going to lie, I cried. I hugged Hanky a little tighter as I nursed him. I cried some more. I HURT.

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I Am Taking It Better Then Expected.

The deed has been done.

As much as I thought this would be tragic, life shattering, and ending for me.... I seem to be handling it over all ok. I am not going to lie, there have been tears, there has been anger, there has been some minor tantrums, but over all I seem to be doing well.

I keep telling myself that it is the calm before the storm. Things are going to hit a wall. Maybe I am wrong. I pray I am wrong. This is not over until the fat lady sings... or the doctor says that there are no swimmers left. I have a feeling that the finality of it all will really hit then.

I think the thing that makes this hardest for me is that this is how I have been identified for the last 9 years... pregnant mama, nursing mama, pregnant and nursing mama. I feel like I am losing that identity and don't know what mama I will be next. I guess the next few months will be a discovery for everyone.... me included.

I found this today... it spoke to me.

"Faith makes things possible, not easy." ~ unknown

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